Palazzo Parigi Grand Spa & Valmont cosmetics, for the best Spa Treatments

Grand Spa & Valmont

Valmont is a Pioneer Company of cellular cosmetic and heir of the Swiss medical tradition; helps women and men to monitor control the visible signs of the time developing effective anti-aging treatments, with visible and lasting results. To contrast wrinkles and lack of brightness, it offers its beauty rituals in the Grand SPA of Palazzo Parigi, such as “Source of Bisses”, the ideal soin for re-hydrate dry skins that need to regain softness and refined comfort. A veritable explosion of light for the complexion is offered by the ritual “Brightness of ice”, which illuminates face and instills new purity and freshness, while the revitalizing and restorative treatment, “Vitality of the Glaciers”, boosts the cellular renewal offering new energy to the skin. With the passing of time the face tends to hollowed out and contours to fill out; the lifting intensive ritual “Peaks of Firmness”, fights and reduces wrinkles and loss of firmness, giving the skin an immediate lifting effect. For refined and sophisticated women could not miss the Valmont quintessence “L'Elixir des Glaciers your exceptional treatment”, luxurious soin with firming effect and enhancer for face and body, which erases all traces of stress and muscle tension to celebrate the beauty of women.

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