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Choose among our personalised treatments

Here, we are guided at all times by our guests and create bespoke and highly personalised treatments that are in tune with each persons’ needs.

Palazzo Parigi Hotel has seven therapeutic rooms, styled on countries from around the world. 

Choose from China, Bali, Polynesia, Morocco, India and Sweden.

Combining the wisdom of ancient ritual and traditions together with the latest advances in anti-ageing technology, find our treatments both deeply restorative and rejuvenating.

As well as our signature Valmont treatments, we offer a wide range of relaxing massages targeting individual body parts using specialized techniques taken from traditions around the globe.

Meanwhile, our Beauty Salon is open for manicures, pedicures and hairdressing.

Please be aware that treatments are not included in your complimentary spa pass, and need to be paid for separately.

Relaxing Massage

A gentle and soothing massage enhanced by synergies of essential oils that stimulate body and mind giving a feeling of total relaxation.
50 min. – Euro 150 | 80 min. – Euro 190

Deep Muscle Massage

A deep massage that allows you to release tension and muscles contractures. It effects the whole body and determines not only an action in the muscles, but also into the circulation. At the end of the treatment, you will feel enveloped by a sense of general well-being and pleasure.
50 min. – Euro 150 | 80 min. – Euro 190

Drainage Massage

Stimulating massage of the lymphatic circulation, it helps to drain fluids and remove toxins through slow and light specific movements on lymphatic glands. Ideal complement for slimming and rejuvenating programs.
50 min. – Euro 150 | 80 min. – Euro 190

Grand Spa Thai Massage

An exclusive treatment, a revisiting of the traditional Thai massage. Through pressures on some points of energy located throughout the body and different techniques of relaxation and stretching of muscles, this treatment allows to recover a sense of lightness and restoration of body energy.
50 min. – Euro 170

Lighter Legs

A refreshing treatment that relaxes and relieves tired and heavy legs.
25 min. – Euro 100

Back, Neck and Shoulder Relief

A deep tissue massage that soothes and releases all tension concentrated on the back, neck and shoulders.
25 min. – Euro 100

Royal Hammam

This relaxing treatment begins with an aromatic steam bath that warms the skin so the pores can open. To follow, a pleasant application of “savon noir”, a traditional Moroccan soap specifically used in Hammam. After that, a gentle body scrub with Kassa glove and body hydratation with Argan oil.
50 min. – Euro 220

Oriental Dream Hammam

A Berber inspired beauty and wellness journey that enriches the traditional hammam with the application of a ghassoul mask, a mineral rich clay sourced from the Atlas Mountain. This riual finishes with a 30 minutes body oliation enhanced with Moroccan fragrances and Arabian influenced movements.
80 min. – Euro 300

Grand Spa Ritual – The Thousand and One Nights

A complete ritual that allows an authentic experience, faithful to the Moroccan tradition. A deep purification and relaxation path that begins with immersion in a steam bath and the application of “black soap” and continues with an exfoliation with Kassa glove, a nourishing ghassoul mask and to follow, an enveloping 50 minutes body massage with Argan oil.
105 min - Euro 380

Grand Spa – l’Elixir des Glaciers – Majestic Exceptional Treatment

This outstanding face and chest ritual with the Elixir des Glaciers provides a treatment that will give your skin radiance and glow. The quintessence of a beauty formula is combined with a luxury protocol for an anti-aging nourishing and remodeling result.
90 min. – Euro 395

Purity Ritual – Purity of the Alps

This treatment offers the face a real renewal. It purifies, balances and refines the skin texture, freeing the skin from its impurities while gently and comfortably.
50 min. – Euro 150 

Hydration Ritual – Hydration Bisses

Acting as a deep-hydrating bath, the skin is re-plumped and dehydration wrinkles are visibly and durably diminished.
30 min. – Euro 110 | 60 min. – Euro 215 | 75 min. – Euro 240

Energy Ritual – Energy of the Glaciers

This stimulating treatment boosts cellular renewal. Wrinkles and fine lines fade away; leaving complexion radiant and toned.
30 min. – Euro 110 | 60 min. – Euro 215 | 75 min. – Euro 240

Radiance Ritual – Brightness of Ice Treatment

This treatment delivers vitamin C in full force illuminating and smoothing the skin to eliminate dark zones and restore total radiance. The results are visible, the complexion is instantly radiant and flawless. Age spots fade the texture of the skin is refined.
30 min. – Euro 100 | 60 min. – Euro 210 | 90 min. – Euro 255

Lifting Ritual – Lift from the Peaks

This specific facial works like a lifting, redesigning the oval, smoothing wrinkles and redensifying the skin.
60 min. – Euro 215 | 75 min. – Euro 240

Firming Ritual – Firmness of the Hills

A sculpting and remodeling massage. Thanks to the FIRM-C BOOST concentrate, it propels its mixture of triple DNA, Vitamin C and collagen fragments into the heart of the skin to boost its elasticity.
60 min. – Euro 215 | 90 min. – Euro 240

Illuminating Ritual – Luminosity of Ice

This treatment focus on facial reflexology and eliminates spot and shadow zones. The complexion immediately appears radiant, glowing and uniform.
60 min. – Euro 215 | 75 min. – Euro 240

Specific Eyes Ritual – Reflection on a Frozen Lake

A comprehensive and targeted treatment to eliminate wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. The youth and radiance of the eyes is restored.
45 min. – Euro 115

Body Peeling Ritual – Bisses Purity Treatment

This exfoliating and purifying treatment is perfect for a return to soft, silky skin all over the body. A full-body treatment with massage gestures to help dissolve nervous and muscular tensions.
60 min. – Euro 140

Fit & Tone Ritual – Peaks of Slimness Treatment

A high-performance treatment targeting curves and cellulite. The skin is firmer and more toned, the contours of the figure are redrawn and the body feels incredibly slender and light. A true remodeling of the silhouette.
60 min. – Euro 215

Travel Aroung Yourself

A total relaxation, to fight the stress of modern day life, this journey begins with a body massage (80 minutes) to soothe away all tensions and start the re-balancing process. Then your journey continues with the Hydration Facial Ritual (60 minutes) designed to hydrate and nourish your face.
140 min. – Euro 400

Voyage of the Senses

A journey of beauty for a soft and silky skin all over the body thanks to the exfoliating and purifying treatment (60 minutes) with rose oil and Argan nut powder. An exploration of the senses enriched by the delicate touch of a relaxing massage (50 minutes) performed with precious and nourishing oils.
110 min. – Euro 285

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A treatment at Palazzo Parigi Hotel Grand Spa is not just a wonderful gift, it is a unique experience that will make you be remembered.

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