A state-of-the-art Fitness area for trainig, Yoga and Pilates at Palazzo Parigi

Fitness Area

A large 300 square meter room with natural light dedicated to the movement.

The space includes Artis line: the collection of products for the most innovative training in the world created by Technogym to deliver an unprecedented training experience that focuses on connectivity concepts, feeling of movement with Italian design and eco-sustainability.

Inside the gym guests will find a wide choice of products for cardiovascular training and functional strength with the highest ergonomic standards and biomechanical.

Each Artis machine is designed as a personal device of each user. Thanks to the interactive Unity console you can access their training programs with archived results, along with favorite websites, social networks and access to the best entertainment on-board.

Inside the fitness area, there is also a private room where you can train with qualified personal trainer or practice yoga and Pilates.

Telephone: +39 02 625 62300 Telephone: +39 02 625 62300