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Sala dei Giardini

The Sala dei Giardini, wholly hand-decorated, measuring 4,004 sq. ft. and accommodating up to 380 guests. It is perfect for receptions, presentations and conferences. Its majestic windows, overlooking the spacious terrace of over 860 sq. ft. with direct access to the century-old garden, make it a truly unique space in Milan. The room, that is also perfect for meetings, is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual systems and an advanced lighting system, is modular and can be divided into three separate, smaller meeting rooms (Sala del Camino, Sala del Terrazzo, Sala Porta Nuova) or into two larger ones (Sala Belvedere e Sala Grand Lumière), for a total of five different combinations.

Sala del Camino (1,420 sq. ft.) is the largest section of Sala dei Giardini and its peculiarity is the presence of a wonderful fireplace dating from the 19th century.

Sala del Terrazzo (1,292 sq. ft.) is the central section of Sala dei Giardini and enjoys the largest part of the terrace overlooking the private garden.

Sala Porta Nuova (1,292 sq. ft.) is the third section of Sala dei Giardini and its corner location overlooking Corso di Porta Nuova gives it a unique brightness, thanks to the double exposure.

Sala Belvedere (2,712 sq. ft.) is the combination of Sala del Camino and Sala del Terrazzo.

Sala Grand Lumière (2,583 sq. ft.), quite charming and bright, is the combination of Sala del Terrazzo and Sala Porta Nuova.

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